The United States named Russia and China as the main threats

WASHINGTON, Mar 3 – RIA Novosti. The United States called Russia and China the main threats in the transitional provisions of the national security strategy, and the PRC is also recognized as the main potential adversary of the United States. house.

The document notes that China “is becoming more self-confident.” Washington considers Beijing to be the only competitor that “has the potential to combine economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to pose a significant challenge to a stable and open international system.”

As the strategy says, “both Beijing and Moscow have invested heavily in efforts to contain US advantages and prevent us from protecting our interests and allies around the world.”

At the same time, Washington declares its readiness for a “substantive dialogue” with Russia and China on the issue of new military technologies “related to strategic stability,” and also claims that it is ready to abide by arms control agreements.

Earlier, in early February, US President Joe Biden, who spoke at the State Department with a keynote speech on foreign policy, said that Washington would make Moscow “pay” for its actions. He later claimed that Russia was allegedly seeking to “undermine” the United States' transatlantic partnership with its allies.

Biden also noted that, in his opinion, the difficulties in relations with Russia are different from those in relations with China, but “they are just as real.” However, in both of these cases, Washington “does not want a conflict,” the American leader said.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied all the accusations voiced by Washington, pointing out that they were untenable.

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