The professor named the reasons for the tragedy at the university in Bolivia

BUENOS AIRES, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. Students were obliged to come to a meeting at the University of Bolivia, which ended in the death of students, the mentors of the children are responsible for what happened, Professor Julio Alvarado of the University of El Alto told RIA Novosti.

The tragedy struck Tuesday morning as a group of students gathered on the fifth floor of the University of El Alto in front of the meeting. A skirmish and a fight broke out between the students, which led to a crush on the site and the collapse of the protective railing. Several people fell from a height of 16.7 meters, seven died. “The first reason (what happened) is the irresponsibility of the mentors of the students that they called a physical meeting during the pandemic and obliged to participate in it, otherwise the students could have consequences”, – said the professor.

“Unfortunately, in a number of Bolivian universities, mentors have a lot of power, for example, they recommend who is eligible for the scholarship and who is not,” he explained.

In Bolivia, because of the pandemic, universities do not work, education is in a virtual form, so it was irresponsible to collect students at the university. Moreover, it was not a meeting for academic purposes. The students gathered to decide who will lead them further, the professor emphasized.

“Such meetings should be held outdoors or in large classrooms. But the students met in the administrative area where the offices are located, that is, in a room not intended for such meetings,” said Alvarado.

He told why there was a dispute between the students that led to the tragedy – some tried to protect the acting mentors, while others sided with those who wanted to take a place in the leadership of the students.

Alvarado expressed deep sadness at the incident, noting that the tragedy was a blow to everyone involved in the university.

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