The court closed the case of the doctor Misyurina, convicted of the death of a patient

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Moscow City Court closed, for lack of corpus delicti, a high-profile criminal case against hematologist Elena Misyurina, who was found guilty of the patient's death three years ago, the press service of the court told RIA Novosti.

The reason for the investigation against Misyurina was an incident in a private clinic on Profsoyuznaya Street in Moscow in the summer of 2013. A patient at this clinic died a few days after Misyurina made him a bone marrow biopsy. The investigation claimed that she violated the methodology, tactics and technique of performing the procedure and damaged the patient's blood vessels.

The Cheryomushkinsky court sentenced the physician to two years in prison. This caused a great public outcry – many doctors stood up for Misyurina, doubting that it was her actions that led to the death of the patient, politicians commented on the situation.

In April 2018, the Moscow City Court overturned the district court's verdict and returned the case to the prosecutor's office to eliminate the shortcomings. In December last year, this decision was canceled by the Second General Jurisdiction Court of Cassation.

It is known that after the decision of the Moscow City Court, Misyurina continued to work in one of the capital's clinics.

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