Rospotrebnadzor told how to determine the freshness of flowers

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. Rospotrebnadzor specialists have compiled a list of recommendations for choosing fresh flowers on the eve of International Women's Day, one of the main signs of freshness is the elasticity of the petals, according to the official website of the department. – ed.) Reminds of the rules for choosing fresh flowers. The elasticity of the petals is one of the important signs that a flower is really fresh. If you carefully bend the petal of such a flower, it will easily return to its place and take its previous shape, “- the message says.

According to the data on the agency's website, the freshness of flowers can be determined by the degree of opening of the bud: the less it is opened, the better. In addition, the condition of the stem plays an important role – it should not be dry or too soft. Also a sign of freshness is the presence of a “shirt sheet” – thicker and coarser petals growing at the peduncle.

“Sellers often remove these petals to give the rose a more aesthetic look, so the absence of a“ shirt ”is not evidence of the“ second freshness ”of the flower,” the service's website emphasized.

The message specifies that a light cut of the stem is also a sign of the freshness of the flower.

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