Named foods that can be eaten at night without harm

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. At night, the body slows down all processes, including digestion, so the stomach needs an easily digestible protein, for example, in the form of meat from baby food. Nutritionist and gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova told Zvezda TV channel about this.

In this case, the meat will “slip through” and “will not be lumpy,” while ordinary meat will lead to a decrease in appetite in the morning or lack of it. The doctor also recalled the existence of special jars with cocktails that replace light meals by 200-300 kilocalories. “But not protein. A full-fledged light meal. It is the most convenient for those who have a frantic rhythm,” the doctor said.

You can also eat an omelet with vegetables, fish – in the form of a cutlet, soufflé or just a piece, or cottage cheese. Banana, according to Nurieva, along with a couple of tablespoons of urbech, will also be easily assimilated by the body.

“It is important that a person does not have severe diabetes,” the gastroenterologist emphasized.

Meat or poultry should not be eaten in the evening or at night, and beef, pork or veal will be heavy on the stomach in the late hours of the day.

Earlier, therapist and nutritionist Philip Kuzmenko said that before bedtime you can eat and not gain weight if you control the calorie intake per day – you can find out from a specialist. Healthy lifestyle

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