Lyubimov: the national project will help the Ryazan region become a digital region

RYAZAN, March 4 – RIA Novosti. The Digital Economy national project will help the Ryazan region become a digitally developed region, Governor Nikolai Lyubimov said at a meeting dedicated to the implementation of national projects.

The meeting discussed the implementation of the digital economy national project in the region.

“The topic is the most important and affects many sectors of the economy and social sphere. The digital transformation, which we have been actively pursuing for several years in the region, is being implemented in conjunction with this large-scale work,” Lyubimov said.

The Governor noted that the President has set clear goals. In the region in the next few years it will be necessary to significantly (up to 95%) increase the share of socially significant services available in electronic form. An increase in the share of households with the possibility of broadband Internet access should be ensured up to 97%. It is necessary to accelerate the digitalization of key sectors of the economy and social sphere.

“We are going to become a digitally developed region, the national project will help us achieve this goal. Digitalization will fundamentally improve the system of regional and municipal governance, make communication between society and government as simple as possible. Modern digital technologies will help attract investors, develop production, IT business and , as a result, the quality of life of citizens, “said Lyubimov.

To date, residents of the Ryazan region can receive in electronic form 96 regional and municipal services. The region was included in the list of five pilot subjects of the Russian Federation to create a regional management center, which monitors and controls the consideration of incoming applications from citizens. A so-called “Heat Map” has been created in the regional management center, which allows displaying and analyzing the dynamics of incoming requests from residents, including from the platform “Single window of digital feedback”. In 2021, regional management centers are planned to be created in municipalities.

In the region, work is underway to connect socially significant objects to the Internet. In total, 998 objects will be connected by the end of 2021 – these are educational organizations, feldsher-midwife stations, Rosgvardia departments, fire departments, rural administrations. Communication centers will be installed in settlements for the subsequent provision of communication services to the population and organizations.

Nikolay Lyubimov noted that the Ministry of Digital Development of the region, together with the Ministry of Agriculture of the region and the provider, needs to work out and resolve the issue of providing access to the Internet for agricultural enterprises.

“This will allow farmers to use all the possibilities of modern technology in field work. Now there is farmland where it is problematic to do because of the lack of an Internet connection. Our farmers have addressed this problem more than once, it must be solved. This will really help them and improve the results. work, “said the governor.

The head of the region drew special attention to the importance of providing the Ryazan region, primarily the IT sphere, with qualified specialists. In this regard, as noted at the meeting, the region is overfulfilling the targets.

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