In Crimea, a woman in labor was not hospitalized when the stitches parted after a cesarean

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti, Lina Panchenko. Residents of Crimea are outraged by what happened to the 20-year-old orphan. In mid-February, Ekaterina Kopanenko gave birth to a boy. In the Dzhankoy maternity hospital, she underwent a cesarean section, and there were complications. As a result, the child was on mechanical ventilation with a diagnosis of cerebral edema. And Catherine herself was discharged home with loose stitches. A few days later, she had a fever, but in the hospital, where the ambulance took her, they smeared her stomach with iodine and recommended going to the clinic for dressings. It was possible to force doctors to treat Kopanenko only after a resonance in social networks.

“I have not seen a living person of this color.”

Ekaterina Kopanenko from the village of Mirnovka, Dzhankoy District, lost her mother at the age of 16. She lived with her grandmother and brother, but they too were gone. Natalya Derbina, a volunteer of the We Are Together movement, has known her since childhood. “I work as artistic director of the House of Culture in Mirnovka. Katya went to my circles. After the ninth grade she began to study to be a cook, but we kept in touch,” Derbina tells RIA Novosti.

The marriage with the child's father has not been registered. “He is a good boy,” says Natalya. “But in this situation, young parents would not have been able to cope without outside help.”

Katya called Natalia after giving birth – “she asked to find a breast pump.” Derbina brought, the girl said that she had done a cesarean, the child was taken to the children's hospital, and she herself was left to complete treatment.

“At the end of February, she came to me to return the breast pump. All white and white. I have never seen a living person of this color. Katya herself is small, thin. She showed me a photo of her belly: after the stitches were removed, a hole appeared. She turned to the doctor. who did the caesarean. He calmed her, they say, it's okay: it happens, it will heal. And Katya was discharged home. “

The whole belly is torn apart

But the seams continued to open, festered, the temperature rose. Kopanenko called an ambulance, she was taken to the Central Regional Hospital of Dzhankoy. The doctors in the admission department, according to Natalia, were unhappy that the patient was brought in in the evening. “Something was cleaned, anointed with iodine and – home. I offered to go with her to the emergency room again.”

There was already another shift in the hospital. But the attitude is the same. “The surgeons looked, washed the suture, put in a drainage. As we later found out, they shoved a half-meter bandage with iodine into her wound.” Derbina asked what was with Ekaterina, whether sepsis threatened. “They say: it's okay, everything is fine. Tomorrow they will bandage at the polyclinic, and let them not touch anything. And they left. I came to my senses, caught up with them on the floor, asked:” Maybe at least you will take tests? She's all white. “In response:” Well, if you want, tell the nurses. “

The results of the tests, Derbina clarifies, were of no interest to anyone: “We waited for a doctor for a long time, but he did not return. They didn’t even measure her temperature.” The women went home.

“I called a friend from the Krasnogvardeisky maternity hospital, where I was provided with qualified assistance at one time. I threw Katya's photo and tests. The doctor was shocked – I had never seen such stitches. The inflammatory process began.”

The doctor offered to urgently bring Katya. “I warned that she is an orphan, she has no money for paid treatment.“ I don’t need money, I’ll give her everything, I need to see it live, not by photo. ”Another volunteer arrived on March 1st. The doctor examined:“ This is a nightmare , her skin was burned with iodine, made it even worse, now it just can't be cured, she needs droppers and, possibly, surgery. And in an amicable way, the seams need to be redone: the girl's whole belly is torn apart, even if it heals, an ugly scar will remain. “

“The infection would go”

The doctor who received Catherine, according to Natalia, made a conclusion on two sheets, urgent hospitalization was required. “But we just don't give a referral to the hospital.” Natalia called the head of the Crimean volunteers Valeria Petrusevich. “We were not going to inflate a scandal, we wanted to help the girl. I and the head of the village council then threw off a photo of the seam, she was surprised why Katya did not immediately contact her. But she wouldn’t have said anything to me if she hadn’t come with a breast pump. went to dressings as the doctors ordered. And in the end, the infection would have happened. “

Valeria Petrusevich turned to the medical facility where Ekaterina gave birth, but there she was told: “Stop panicking, normal stitches.” Then the social activist posted a post on social networks and posted a snapshot of a parted festering seam with three holes. “The temperature for the fifth day is more than 39, and what the hospital thinks is“ normal ”, we attach the stitches three weeks after the cesarean. We are talking about a healthy 20-year-old girl without chronic diseases, diabetes, HIV or other diseases that complicate the situation “, – said Petrusevich.

“After the publication, the situation with” normal stitches “changed: the girl was hospitalized literally forty minutes later in the Dzhankoy maternity hospital, and the next morning was transported to Simferopol, to the Semashko Republican Hospital,” Valeria told RIA Novosti.

There – immediately on a drip. “She's better now.”

Katya's son is also in Simferopol, in the children's hospital. “During the cesarean, the boy was pulled out with a vacuum, the result was cerebral edema. They were put into an artificial coma,” Petrusevich clarified.

According to the social activist, information from social networks reached the Minister of Health of the Republic Alexander Ostapenko and the head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. After the young mother was hospitalized in the medical institutions affected by this story, “evening meetings and conferences” began. Petrusevich fears that medical documents may be forged: “because there is no question of any electronic database, and she was not given any extracts or epicrisis.” In the hospital, she said, they claim that they handed them over to the district paramedic, but he denies this. Moreover, Katya herself is now “under pressure” due to the fact that she “raised such a fuss.”

Afraid to pick up the phone

RIA Novosti failed to contact Ekaterina Kopanenko. Natalya Derbina explained: “Katya is afraid to pick up the phone. The investigator called her, she was scared. I said that they would not do anything bad to her, on the contrary, they want to protect her.”

The Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol reported that they had organized a check based on information from social networks.

The Ministry of Health of the region also assured us: “An official check is being carried out on the situation.” The department noted that almost the entire medical elite examined the patient – the chief freelance specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and the chief freelance therapist of the ministry, the deputy head of the hospital and the head of the gynecological department. Kopanenko is now in a satisfactory condition. And her son is in the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital. He, according to officials, is ready for discharge.

Katya is very worried about her son. “The doctors repeat to her that his condition is stable, and more cannot be told by phone. She herself cannot go anywhere – she will stay in the hospital for at least a week,” says Natalya Derbina. The boy's father is not officially considered his close relative until the relevant documents are drawn up. And he is also ignorant.

“The fact that the baby has come out of a coma, in which he was for several days, and is gaining weight, is good,” argues Natalya. “But what will happen to him after such a diagnosis is a big question.”

The volunteer did not expect such a reaction when she raised a fuss and turned to her colleagues for help: “She herself is in shock from such a resonance.” However, I am sure that I did the right thing. And this should serve as a lesson for doctors and officials.

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