A woman from Odessa called the Ukrainian language “beef”

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. In Odessa, a new scandal erupted on the basis of language after a customer in one of the stores spoke sharply about the Ukrainian language, according to the local portal 048.ua.

The visitor did not like that the saleswoman spoke to her in Ukrainian. The woman stated that she did not understand why she was deprived of the right to speak Russian. She refused to speak Ukrainian and asked the employee to remember “who were the first citizens in the history of the city.” The woman also demanded that the saleswoman switch to Russian, calling the state language of Ukraine “beef”.

At that time, there was also a man in the store who wrote a complaint that they were refused service in Russian.

The administration of the store, in turn, did not see any violation in the incident.

In April 2019, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language.” The document provided for the creation of a special “language commission”, as well as the introduction of the position of the commissioner for his defense, which is now occupied by Taras Kremin. The same law proposed to introduce exams for officials, determining the level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language, and to fine for violation of the law. The fine is from 5.1 thousand to 6.8 thousand hryvnia (184 and 245 dollars, respectively). The norm on the compulsory use of the Ukrainian language in the service sector in Ukraine entered into force on January 16.

Domestic conflicts over language regularly occur in the country. So, the writer Larisa Nitsoy made a scandal over the conductor who spoke Russian, and the former deputy Irina Farion called for violence against Russian-speaking Ukrainians. In the summer of 2018, the lieutenant colonel of the border service had his jaw broken in a Mariupol cafe after he demanded a menu in the state language, and in November last year, the former mayor of Slavyansk made a scandal in a karaoke bar over Oleg Gazmanov's songs.

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