Ukrainians criticized the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who stood up to protect the Russian-speaking

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. A serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was criticized in her homeland for publishing a video on TikTok in defense of Russian speakers.

The girl posted a video on her page, voiced by a song in Russian. The recording has subtitles, which say: “Not everyone who speaks Russian is an enemy of Ukraine. And not everyone who wears an embroidered shirt is its patriot.”

A participant in the operation in southeastern Ukraine, Alexander Grom, drew attention to the video. On his Facebook page, he was outraged by the behavior of the girl, who, according to him, is an officer of the moral and psychological support unit.

Grom said that disciplinary action was imposed on the girl, but expressed the opinion that this would not solve the problem as a whole. He called on the command staff to conduct educational work with their subordinates.

Armed Forces officer Anatoly Stern agreed with him, and a number of commentators called for the girl to be fired from the ranks of the armed forces.

In April 2019, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language.” The document provided for the creation of a special “language commission”, as well as the introduction of the position of the commissioner for his defense, which is now occupied by Taras Kremin. The same law proposed to introduce exams for officials, determining the level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language, and to fine for violation of the law. The fine is from 5.1 thousand to 6.8 thousand hryvnia (184 and 245 dollars, respectively). The norm on the compulsory use of the Ukrainian language in the service sector in Ukraine entered into force on January 16.

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