The most popular gifts for women on March 8 are named

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Residents of Russia continue to buy stereotypical gifts for International Women's Day, for example, sales of pans and hair dryers have grown several times in the last weeks of February at the site of the largest Russian Internet retailer Wildberries, the company told RIA Novosti.

“Although the gender component of gifts is gradually becoming a thing of the past, Wildberries analysts have noticed that pans are still in the top of gifts for March 8th: in the last two weeks, customers have bought them four times more than a year ago. Hairdryers are not far behind. whose sales have grown 3.8 times, “the message says.

Wildberries also predicts that in addition to this, flowers, soft toys, chocolate, creams and perfumes will become popular gifts for International Women's Day, since these products were in the lead in sales in pieces from February 15 to 28 at the retailer's site.

So, sales of creams, “beauty boxes” and sets of cosmetics for the last two weeks of February grew by Wildberries five times compared to the same period last year, perfumes – six times. At the same time, sales of soft toys in the company also increased sixfold, with teddy bears and hares becoming the most popular. At the same time, the most expensive purchase in the category of soft toys, according to the online retailer, was a musical giant bear 2.2 meters high and costing 5.9 thousand rubles.

Other expensive gifts were also actively purchased on the Wildberries site, and earrings, rings and pendants became the most popular among jewelry – sales of these products quadrupled in February.

Wildberries also noted the growing interest this year ahead of International Women's Day in unfading stabilized flowers, whose sales at the end of February increased sevenfold compared to February last year, and the most popular item in this category was a bouquet of scarlet roses, which should remain fresh. for several years.

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