The lawyer gave advice on what to do if the ATM issued a fake

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Almost everyone uses ATMs nowadays, and in general they work flawlessly. But there are cases when clients received counterfeit banknotes, Olga Sulim, the chairman of a colleague of Lawyers Sulim and Partners, told the Prime agency. “The likelihood of receiving a souvenir paper instead of real money, of course, is extremely small, but in the summer of 2018 one case thundered: the culprit put to a fake card, and the device accepted them. As a result, bank funds were obtained by illegal means, “the lawyer says.

Most of the ATMs have since been replaced with more modern ones, but outdated models have survived in some regions. In order to avoid problems, it is worth spending a couple of minutes checking the issued money next to the device, she said.

If you find a fake, you should immediately call a witness and call the police. The fact of issuing a counterfeit bill will be recorded by a video camera, which is equipped with all ATMs, so it is important to remain calm and in no case try to return the “joke bank ticket” back.

It happens that the fact of issuing a fake was discovered outside the visibility of the ATM cameras. Then you should go back, fix his number, write a statement and wait for a reaction from the bank. If there is no answer, it is worth contacting the police or the prosecutor's office, Suli concluded.

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