The lawyer called the methods of deceiving patients in radiation diagnostics

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. It happens that doctors warn patients about the technical characteristics when conducting a prescribed CT or MRI examination. This is necessary in order to accurately diagnose. But unscrupulous organizations can mislead you about these characteristics, Irina Gritsenko, chairman of the board of the Center for Conflict Resolution in Medicine, told the Prime agency.

The following information about the equipment used is important: brand, year of manufacture, service life, number of cuts and power. “For modern research, the number of CT slices should be at least 64, the power of the MRI apparatus should be at least 1.5 Tesla,” the expert specifies.

If the staff of a medical clinic does not have either the equipment or the qualifications for conducting a contrast study, patients may be persuaded to abandon the contrast – they say, the equipment is already “excellent”. It is impossible to agree to this if the doctor prescribed just such a study.

There is a difference between Chinese and European equipment – the latter is more expensive and in most cases is designed for more complex tasks. It is important to understand what is being offered to you in each specific case. Do not be tempted by a too low price – in most cases, you will only receive a formal examination for it.

CT and MRI examinations according to the protocol take different times. If you are offered to go through them faster, it is important to understand that during this time it is possible to find out only the presence of gross pathologies. Rapid diagnosis is justified only for critically ill patients in order to assess the criticality of the situation, concluded Gritsenko.

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