The expert told why you may be refused to open a bank account

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Sometimes it is impossible to open a bank account even with law-abiding citizens. Against the background of the pressure exerted on banks by the regulatory authorities, credit organizations are especially carefully checking clients, Timofey Perov, executive director of the Fast River fintech platform, told the Prime agency.

They are increasing control and studying their customers, which is why there is an increase in the number of refusals when opening an account. “There can be many reasons for a negative decision when opening an account or issuing a card to an individual. But most often it is a problem with identity documents: the absence of a passport or a replacement document, the presence of extraneous marks in the documents,” the expert says.

They can refuse, for example, a foreigner if he has all the documents necessary for staying in the country, or someone who has been convicted of fraud before. But it happens that a client appears in the “black” lists of financial monitoring and security services by mistake – because of the coincidence of personal data.

According to Perov, clients have the right to demand from the bank an official justification for the refusal. If there were no grounds for this mentioned in the law, then we are talking about a violation, he concluded.

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