The doctor explained what drug is needed to treat COVID and when to wait for it

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Following vaccines, scientists are striving to create a cure for COVID-19. When can we expect the result, Nikolai Durmanov, MD, biosafety expert, suggested in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The development of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus infection and its consequences has been going on for at least a year in scientific institutions and pharmaceutical companies in many countries of the world, he said. “The main goal is to find a direct-acting antiviral drug, that is, the drug that acts on the coronavirus itself,” – Nikolay Durmanov explained.

Examples of such drugs are drugs against HIV and hepatitis C, the expert noted. So, drug therapy can improve the condition of a patient with HIV, and hepatitis C is completely cured, he said.

Of course, billions of dollars have to be invested in the development of such drugs, many tests take years, but the use of new technologies can create conditions for a “breakthrough”, the biosafety expert is sure. According to him, an antiviral drug to fight COVID-19 may appear much faster than similar discoveries were made before.

“Technologies based on artificial intelligence have appeared, technologies have appeared that allow you to skip a large number of preclinical tests, imitate them in computer programs. Now good and effective drugs can appear in any country. A breakthrough can be made,” said Nikolai Durmanov.

He added that there are already protocols for providing medical care to different groups of patients with COVID-19, doctors know what to look for and how to act in this disease.

“The treatment protocols for coronavirus infection have already been worked out, doctors know exactly what to look for and how to treat different groups of patients,” Nikolai Durmanov explained in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The first vaccine against COVID-19 (“Sputnik V”) was registered in Russia, and later other drugs for the prevention of this disease appeared in the world. The creation of a medicine to treat people already infected with coronavirus infection is the next challenge facing science and the pharmaceutical industry, the expert concluded.

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