The Central Bank has calculated how much pancakes will cost for Maslenitsa

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Cooking a stack of pancakes for a Moscow family this year will cost 125 rubles, and for a Moscow region one – 118 rubles, over the year the main dish of the upcoming Pancake Week has risen in price by an average of 3.3%, experts from the Central Bank of Russia Main Directorate for the Central Federal District calculated.

This year, Maslenitsa fell on the week of March 8-14. “Cooking a stack of pancakes for a Moscow family of four will cost 125 rubles, and for a Moscow region – 118 rubles. Over the year, the cost of pancakes increased by 3.1% for Muscovites and by 3.5% for residents of the Moscow region,” the message says. .Tourism

Basically, the cost of the main dish of Maslenitsa was affected by the increase in sugar prices (compared to January 2020) due to drought and a low harvest last year, experts said. In addition, the Central Bank notes that flour “has seriously risen in price” – the rise in world prices for grain has played here, prices and suppliers in the domestic market have been raised. But the cost of milk practically did not change – the competition on store shelves affected.

Experts also calculated the cost of pancakes with different fillings. One of the most popular pancakes – with condensed milk – will cost 232 rubles for Muscovites, and 225 rubles for residents of the Moscow region. On pancakes with meat, a Moscow family will spend 289 rubles (+ 3.3%), and a Moscow region – 273 rubles (+ 4.8%). “This was influenced by the rise in the cost of meat – after all, imported feed components have risen in price (the decline in the ruble exchange rate in previous months affected),” said experts from the Central Bank of the Central Federal District.

Pancakes with jam will cost a Moscow family 219 rubles, a Moscow region – 189. Muscovites will spend 296 rubles (+ 2.2%) on the preparation of a traditional dish with cottage cheese, and in the Moscow region it will cost 266 rubles (+ 3.3%).

In January 2021, annual inflation in Moscow was 4.3%, and in the Moscow region – 5%. “So pancakes are getting more expensive even a little slower than the general basket of consumer goods and services, according to which Rosstat calculates inflation,” the Central Bank said.

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