Myasnikov predicted new peaks of the coronavirus pandemic

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said that the coronavirus will not disappear from the human population and that periodically recurring seasonal peaks of its spread should be expected. “I think the coronavirus will go around the planet, including our country, will plateau and smolder, periodically breaking through peaks, most likely seasonal,” the NSN doctor quotes.

Myasnikov stressed that the virus will not disappear and people will continue to die from it. Also, the physician doubted the possibility of the formation of population immunity by July.

“It's not so linearly simple that we will now vaccinate a number of millions of people, and we will have population immunity,” he explained. The spread of the coronavirus

The doctor drew attention to the fact that humanity is not yet sufficiently familiar with the virus and its new strains. At the same time, he noted that Russian vaccines provide protection against new types of infection.

“It can be argued that vaccination will reduce the number of severe cases and the number of deaths. Will it be possible to interrupt the chain of distribution? I'm not sure,” Myasnikov said.

He added that closing borders and limiting air traffic will not save from new mutations. According to him, it doesn't matter where they arise. The danger lies in the fact that a new strain can pass natural selection and gain a foothold.

“And close the borders – don't close them, the virus will come anyway,” he stressed and recalled that it was not possible to fence off the Wuhan variety of infection.

Myasnikov urged to continue vaccination, especially in risk groups. He admitted that the epidemic could be defeated by next year, but warned that the virus would remain in the human population.

More than 114 million people are infected with the coronavirus in the world, over 2.5 million have died. Most of the infected and victims are in the United States, India and Brazil.

Almost 4.3 million people have been infected in Russia, of which more than 3.85 have recovered and over 87,000 have died. Infographics

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