Medinsky: prisoners who died in concentration camps should be classified as victims of genocide

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Soviet prisoners of war who died in Hitler's camps during the Great Patriotic War should be classified as victims of the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis against the citizens of the USSR, Vladimir Medinsky, aide to the President of Russia, expressed this opinion.

“The destruction of Soviet prisoners of war seems to refer only to the losses of servicemen. The official number of losses of the Red Army, according to the Ministry of Defense, is 8.67 million people, and taking into account losses from all causes (killed, died of wounds and diseases, disappeared and taken prisoner) – 11.9 million, “Medinsky wrote in his article dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the city of Rzhev from the Nazi invaders and published on the website of the RT TV channel.

As Medinsky explained, the difference in losses – over three million people – is explained by the fact that this number includes those who were called up at the beginning of the war and did not reach their military units, who were captured at the beginning of the war and liberated at the end, who ended up in the occupied territory, who disappeared without a trace. Some of them turned out to be alive; some of those that died were accounted for in the number of military losses, another part – in the losses of civilians, and some have not yet been accounted for anywhere. “The fact is that partisans, or even just men of draft age, often ended up in prisoner of war camps captured in the occupied territory. These were not military personnel. And if we know that the Nazis deliberately exterminated about 3.1 million Soviet prisoners of war (about 60% of the number of prisoners), then hundreds of thousands of them are civilians killed under the guise of prisoners of war. faces! ” – wrote Medinsky.

The presidential aide expressed confidence that the dead prisoners of war, regardless of whether they were civilians or Red Army soldiers, should be recognized as victims of genocide.

“For in no war, at least in the Christian history of mankind, no state has ever destroyed or brought to death by exhaustion and torture almost 60% of prisoners, as the Nazis did with Soviet prisoners of war,” he said.

Medinsky also noted that the death rate of allied soldiers captured by German captivity – the United States, Britain, France – remained at the level of three to four percent. “Feel the difference, as they say. The difference in the attitude of the Nazis towards the Russian / Soviet prisoners and towards the European and American prisoners of war, also enemies,” the presidential aide concluded.

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