In Spain, closed the case of ex-officers who discussed the coup in the chat

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. The prosecutor's office in the Spanish province of Madrid did not find corpus delicti in the correspondence of the former military, discussing in a private chat a coup d'état and the possibility of “shooting 26 million bastards”, the case is closed, according to the newspaper Independiente.

The verification of the group members' WhatsApp correspondence began in December in response to a request from Defense Minister Margarita Robles. The Minister sent a corresponding request after leaking some messages from the chat to the media.

The investigation revealed that the group was formed from retired Air Force officers. The prosecutor's office did not find any hate crimes in their actions. “We are talking exclusively about a private chat, the participants of which freely expressed their opinions … without the intention of making the contents public and in the confidence that they are communicating among friends,” the communiqué says.

According to the prosecutor's office, although the used expressions may seem “redundant and inappropriate”, their private nature indicates that they cannot be equated with hate speech, since they served chat participants as a means of expressing dissatisfaction with the current political situation.

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