Highest paying jobs in Moscow named

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. The highest salaries in Moscow are offered to the on-call veterinarian and steel door installer – such specialists can receive up to 300 thousand rubles a month, the Rabota.ru service found out, the research result is at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

The task of the veterinarian includes visiting the client's home, diagnosing and treating pets. The candidate is required to have a corresponding higher education and work experience of one year or more. In addition, you need to be prepared for a shift schedule.

A highly paid steel door installer must have at least three years of work experience and have his own tool. In addition, he should be prepared for irregular work schedules.

Also, high salaries – up to 250 thousand rubles per month – are offered to an interior designer with at least three years of work experience, a tender specialist with at least a year of experience, and, traditionally, to IT specialists. For example, a web programmer with at least two years of work experience can count on such earnings. In addition, a dermatocosmetologist with at least five years of experience is offered from 200 thousand rubles.

Up to 200 thousand rubles can be received by a 1C programmer with relevant work experience of at least five years, as well as a dental ceramic technician. There are no requirements for the latter in terms of work experience, but applicants can start from the list of necessary skills – this is knowledge of contouring and the ability to recreate color using ceramic masses.

“Rabota.ru” is a job search and recruiting service that is part of the Sberbank ecosystem. More than 18.6 million resumes are posted on the service, more than 580 thousand employers are registered and more than 200 thousand vacancies are published monthly.

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