Gorbachev said about the silence of the period of perestroika

MOSCOW, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev believes that the period of perestroika in Russia is hushed up, there is not enough information about it, and if it does appear, then in most cases it is in a distorted form.

The former Soviet leader said this in an interview with the press secretary of the Gorbachev Foundation Vladimir Polyakov on December 30 last year, which opens the book “Understanding Gorbachev. From Letters to the Ex-President of the USSR.” This collection of letters was published on the birthday of the politician – on March 2, Gorbachev turned 90 years old. The book will soon be presented at an international conference timed to coincide with his anniversary.

In an interview, Gorbachev expressed the opinion that historians will study this period of perestroika “day after day, professionally,” and now there is evidence of eyewitnesses, contemporaries.

“People compare, draw conclusions, want to share their thoughts. It is obvious that they do not have enough information. After all, the period of perestroika in Russia is hushed up, and if something appears, it is in most cases in a distorted form, or even just lies,” – believes the ex-president of the USSR.

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