A pregnant woman with 100% lung damage was rescued in Tver

YAROSLAVL, March 3 – RIA Novosti. Doctors in Tver cured a woman with pneumonia with 100% lung damage – the woman was admitted pregnant, a healthy child was born as a result of a cesarean section, said Maxim Petrushin, head of the anesthesiology and resuscitation service at the Tver Regional Clinical Hospital.

“Today we discharged our patient Ekaterina, who was 35 days in intensive care in the postpartum period. She was admitted to the RCB with 100% lung damage, pregnant. An urgent cesarean section was performed. perinatal center named after E. M. Bakunina. The patient herself was 21 days on mechanical ventilation, 14 days on ECMO “, – wrote Petrushin on his page on the social network Facebook.

He noted that the well-coordinated work of the resuscitation doctors of the regional clinical hospital, nurses and workers of the perinatal center was able to save the woman.

“She was discharged home in satisfactory condition. We wish her and the baby health,” the doctor wrote.

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