The US recognized the beauty of the Russian Su-35 fighter

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Su-35 generation 4 ++ is recognized as one of the most beautiful modern fighters in the world according to readers of the American Defense Blog.

The Su-35 was on the second line of the rating, gaining 14 percent of the vote. The first place in the list was taken by the American fifth-generation fighter F-22 Raptor (40 percent), the third – the French Rafale (13 percent). In fourth place with 12 percent of the vote was the American F-15 Eagle. The European Typhoon took the fifth place with 5%.

In addition to these aircraft, readers were asked to vote for the American F-35 Lightning II and F / A-18E / F Super Hornet, the Russian Su-57 and the Chinese J-20.

Earlier, the American edition of the National Interest assessed the characteristics of the Russian Su-35 generation 4 ++ fighter and called it a “universal war bird.” It is noted that the Su-35 can operate independently, in a group of other fighters or as part of a combat group, which is controlled from an air, ground or ship command center.

Su-35 is a Russian multipurpose super-maneuverable fighter with a thrust vector control of the 4 ++ generation. It is one of the main combat vehicles of the Russian Air Force.

Distinctive features of the aircraft are a new avionics complex based on a digital information and control system that integrates onboard equipment systems, a new radar station with a phased antenna array with a long detection range for air targets with an increased number of simultaneously tracked and fired targets, new engines with increased thrust.

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