The government did not support the project to reduce the retirement age

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. The RF Government Commission on Legislative Activities did not support Senator Vasily Ikonnikov's bill to reduce the retirement age for an old-age insurance pension to 61 years for men and 56 years for women, follows from the draft conclusion of the Cabinet (RIA Novosti has it).

The bill proposes changes to the pension legislation, providing for the reduction of the retirement age for an insurance pension for old age for men and women from 65 and 60 years to 61 and 56 years, respectively. The author also proposed a decrease in the length of service for early retirement: from 42 and 37 years to 38 and 33 years, respectively, as well as a decrease in the age requirement for receiving a social old-age pension: from 70 and 65 to 66 and 61 years, respectively.

As noted in the conclusion to the project, the law provides for “a gradual expansion of the retirement age, which in the long term will create a stable financial basis for the systematic indexation of pensions at a rate faster than inflation, and ensure an increase in the level of pension provision of citizens, taking into account the adaptation of the pension system to the emerging demographic conditions “.

“The need to introduce amendments proposed by the bill to the pension legislation is not confirmed by statistical data obtained in the course of law enforcement, and by an analysis of the current legal norms justifying their ineffectiveness,” the response says.

In addition, according to the financial and economic justification for the bill, the implementation of the law will require additional expenses from the federal budget and the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

“However, the draft law does not contain norms defining the sources and procedure for the fulfillment of a new type of expenditure obligations, which does not meet the requirements of Article 83 of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation,” the conclusion says.

In this regard, “the government of the Russian Federation does not support the bill.”

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