RT received warning from YouTube for broadcasting Trump's speech

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. RT received a warning from YouTube after broadcasting a speech by former US President Donald Trump at a conference in Orlando.

Speaking on Sunday at the conservative CPAC conference, the politician said that he may again decide to run for president. According to him, the Democrats will lose the presidential elections in 2024. This was Trump's first public appearance since stepping down as president.

The official reason is “there is not enough context in these videos, which further describes and demonstrates that this is Trump's violative CPAC speech, it is necessary to give more details and more explanatory information, it is necessary to add context, namely – that this is an example of hateful speech (full of hate speech. – Ed.) “, – said in a message on the RT Telegram channel.

In recent months, foreign platforms have frequently blocked Russian media accounts. For example, Facebook banned the account of the Baltnews agency without giving any reason. In October, Twitter marked RT's material about the US elections as potentially misleading, and before that it removed the RIA Novosti account from its search results. Previously, Twitter blocked RT and Sputnik profiles in the same way.

Roskomnadzor on October 28 sent demands to Facebook, Twitter and Google (which owns YouTube) to stop censoring Russian media.

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