Putin urged to pay attention to the export potential of Kuzbass

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to pay attention to the export potential of Kuzbass, stating the need to ensure a 30% increase in coal transportation in relation to 2020.

“Separately, I ask you to pay attention to the export potential of our leading coal region, Kuzbass. By 2024, it is necessary to ensure in the eastern direction – even if this is not what we agreed on earlier, but I agree with Andrey Removich (Belousov – ed.) – to provide at least a plus 30 percent of coal transportation compared to 2020, “he said at a meeting on the development of the coal industry.

Putin asked to adhere to this guideline.

“Yes, let's say, we have adjusted it in comparison with what we talked about before, but this is life, it's understandable. It's all clear. But at the same time, shipment plans for Kuzbass coal companies should be determined according to the existing understandable and transparent principles,” he stressed the president.

According to him, this should be done on the basis of supplies to the West and to the domestic market, as well as on the basis of the availability of port facilities.

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