In St. Petersburg, violations were revealed in COVID hospitals and laboratories

S.-PETERSBURG, March 1 – RIA Novosti. In January-February, the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in St. Petersburg revealed violations of sanitary and epidemiological legislation in 14 hospitals repurposed for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, as well as in 37 laboratories where COVID-19 is diagnosed, the press service of the department reported on Monday.

“The officials of the Rospotrebnadzor department in the city of St. Petersburg in January-February 2021 in relation to 14 hospitals … redesigned to receive patients with acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia and new coronavirus infection, supervised measures were taken. Violations of sanitary and epidemiological legislation in all hospitals were revealed.” says the message.

So, according to the department, in hospitals, the procedure for recording and registering infectious diseases is violated. Also, there is no registration and registration of cases of infections associated with the provision of medical care.

“Laboratory examination of patients with community-acquired pneumonia for respiratory viruses and bacterial microflora is not fully carried out. The requirements of the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, disinfection and sterilization measures are violated,” the city administration of Rospotrebnadzor informs.

For the identified violations, COVID hospitals and responsible officials were brought to administrative responsibility, the department notes.

Rospotrebnadzor also found violations of sanitary legislation following the results of unscheduled inspections of 37 public and private laboratories where coronavirus diagnostics is carried out. As a result, as the department notes, the activities of four laboratories were suspended in court, and a number of cases of administrative offenses were also initiated.

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