Experts named the most popular gifts among Russians on March 8

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. The most popular gifts for March 8 are flowers, jewelry and souvenirs, and Russians prefer to spend this day in cinemas and travel, according to a study by MTS Bank, the results of which are available to RIA Novosti.

The study is based on the analysis of anonymized data on bank cards of 5 million MTS Bank clients in all regions of Russia. Payment transactions in March 2020 were taken into account. The bank's analysts have identified 10 categories in which the number of transactions significantly increases in the week before March 8 compared to the average values of this month. “Traditionally, on March 8, men give women flowers – they can be either an independent gift or an addition to it. in flower shops grows 6.2 times compared to the average in March. Jewelry is also a welcome gift for many women – here the number of purchases increases 3.3 times. Souvenirs round out the top three in terms of transaction growth – 95% “, – says in the study.

The average amount that they are willing to spend on flowers is 1,360 rubles, they are ready to spend an average of 5850 rubles on jewelry, and 910 rubles on souvenirs. In addition, before the holiday, Russians show interest in cosmetics (an increase of 87%), books (+ 56%) and toys (+ 50%), as well as in lottery tickets (+ 49%), sports goods (+ 41%), clothes ( + 38%) and smartphones (an increase of 27%).

Of the entertainment on March 8, the most popular, as on February 23, are going to the cinemas – the number of ticket purchases here is twice as much as in March on average. In second place is travel: air tickets are bought 40% more often, and hotels are booked – by 32%, train tickets are not much behind – an increase of 31%. Analysts believe that Russians see the long weekend as a good reason for a mini-vacation and a change of scenery.

In addition, the number of transactions in restaurants and photo studios is increasing by more than a third – an increase of 35% in both categories compared to the March average. Nevertheless, some men prefer to arrange a home holiday, as evidenced by an increase in food orders at home by 17% and an increase in the number of purchases in supermarkets by 7%.

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