A metal ball with Russian inscriptions was found in the Bahamas

MOSCOW, March 2 – RIA Novosti. A metal ball with an inscription in Russian discovered in one of the Bahamas is most likely a Ukrainian-made balloon for the American Antares rocket, Vadim Lukashevich, an expert in the field of astronautics, told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the Independent newspaper reported that a titanium metal ball with Russian inscriptions was found on a beach in the Bahamas. The object was discovered by local residents last week, according to several experts, the balloon resembles a tank for rocket fuel (hydrazine), which is used in spacecraft and satellites. The images published by the newspaper show that the object in Russian is marked with data on its weight and operating temperature range.

A British woman discovered a shiny metal ball in the Bahamas's Harbor Island that could be a part of a Russian spacecraft. While walking on a beach in Bahamas' Harbor Island, a British woman discovered a shiny metal ball that is believed to be a part of a Russian spacecraft pic.twitter.com/RAAfYnPT7V

– Pawan Wali (@PawanWali) March 1, 2021 “We cannot confirm, we would have been stamped by Yuzhmash, but it looks very much like a helium cylinder, which is inside a liquid oxygen tank. And it gets into temperatures,” Lukashevich said …

The photographs published by the Independent indicate that the cylinder is intended for use in temperatures ranging from minus 170 to minus 196 degrees. The site of the Ukrainian enterprise “Yuzhmash” contains information about the similar “spherical containers that they produce, ensuring reliable storage of gases … at cryogenic temperatures down to minus 196 degrees Celsius.” These containers are supplied for the American Antares missiles.

The last launch to date took place on February 20. Rocket launches are carried out from the Wallops Island cosmodrome and the flight route passes north of the Bahamas.

“The first stage falls into the ocean, collapses, and then this tank, like a float,” sprouts “on some beach, Lukashevich explained.

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