The Ministry of Labor told about the length of vacation for irregular working hours

MOSCOW, March 1 – RIA Novosti. An employee cannot be involved in work on a day off, motivating it with irregular working hours, and the maximum duration of leave for such a mode of work is not fixed in the law, the minimum is three days, the press service of the Ministry of Labor told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the first deputy chairman of the United Russia faction, Andrei Isaev, said that the parliamentarians plan to establish more substantial social guarantees for irregular working hours, in particular, to increase vacations.

The Ministry of Labor of RIA Novosti explained that the law does not establish the maximum duration of additional leave for irregular working hours. Employers can set any length of such leave, but less than three calendar days.

The maximum duration of daily work in the regime of irregular working hours is also not established by law, the Ministry of Labor explained. But they paid attention: work in an irregular mode according to the law does not lengthen the working day, but allows the employer to attract sometimes, unsystematically, in exceptional cases to work beyond the established working hours and only those categories of workers that are determined by the list.

The list of positions of employees with irregular working hours is established by the collective agreement, agreements or local regulations. It is adopted taking into account the opinion of the representative body of workers, the ministry added.

The employer also cannot engage in work on weekends, justifying it with irregular working hours.

“The day off is the time of rest, and the irregular day regimen applies only to the working day. Work on the day off is paid in accordance with the requirement of the legislation, depending on whether this work was carried out within the monthly norm (in a single amount over the salary) or over the monthly norm (double the amount above the salary) “- added in the Ministry of Labor. The spread of coronavirus

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