The expert appreciated the statement of Trump on participation in the new presidential elections in the United States

MOSCOW, March 1 – RIA Novosti. The statement of the former US President Donald Trump about the possibility of running again for the presidency of the country should be considered primarily as rhetoric, much will depend on the results of the midterm elections to Congress in 2022, Yuri Rogulev, director of the Franklin Roosevelt US Research Foundation at Moscow State University, told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Trump, speaking at the conservative CPAC conference in Orlando, said that he may decide to run for president again, noting that Democrats will lose the presidential election in 2024. This is Trump's first public appearance since leaving the presidency.

“In four years, the situation can change very much. The main thing for the Republican party now is to maintain the unity of the ranks. I understand that the main Republican politicians are ready to support Trump. For them, the most urgent thing now is the elections in 2022, which are almost a year away. It is important for them to approach these elections strong and try to take revenge. If this succeeds in 2022, then Trump will already decide. Because if they lose, then it is too early to talk about a triumph in 2024, “the expert said in an interview with the agency.

“This is a typical political statement, a typical political rhetoric. He cannot state this 100%, because there are a lot of factors that do not depend on the Republicans. This is both the economy and the pandemic. If (US President Joe) Biden succeeds before the elections in 2022 years to pull out the economy and cope with the pandemic, then it will be difficult for them (the Republicans) to win. So nothing depends on Trump and the Republicans, “he said.

Trump has lost more than 50 courts, proving election irregularities and challenging their results. After a mob of Trump supporters crushed the Capitol on January 6, the House of Representatives impeached him on charges of inciting mutiny, but the Senate did not get enough votes to condemn the former president.

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