The epidemiologist explained why the mask regime cannot be canceled yet

MOSCOW, March 1 – RIA Novosti. Nikolay Briko, the chief freelance epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, urged Russians to continue to comply with coronavirus prevention measures, noting that even vaccinated people can be a source of infection.

“The pandemic, unfortunately, continues, and somehow attention cannot be reduced to conventional, already proven preventive measures such as physical distancing and masks. This is a very important thing. And even the vaccinated, they can also be to some extent a source of infection. “, – said Brico at the round table” Immunity during a pandemic. How to protect yourself from viruses? “How is it in Russian” I'll take off the mask and breathe you here! “: the tragicomedy” Kin-dza-dza “35 years ago grotesquely described our life today. Like the famous “Ku!” nearly jeopardized the release of the film? How did the “katsap” become a “patsak”? And what happens to a society that has no color differentiation of pants? We recall the topical phrases “Kin-dza-dzy”.

The latest figures, according to the epidemiologist, indicate that the coronavirus in Russia continues to be detected, in Moscow, he noted, in recent days there is no decline at all.

“You need to show attention and vigilance to yourself and your loved ones. Yes, vaccination is very important, but the usual proven measures should continue to be used,” Bricaud said.

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