Komarovsky listed the symptoms of pneumonia

MOSCOW, March 1 – RIA Novosti. Doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky listed the main signs that allow one to suspect the development of pneumonia. He published the corresponding post on his Instagram page.

The physician named cough as the main symptom of the disease. He also advised to pay attention to the inability to take a deep breath if such an attempt causes a coughing fit.

Among other signs, Komarovsky listed a pronounced pallor of the skin against the background of other symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections and shortness of breath at a low body temperature.

In addition, any “cold illness” lasting more than seven days, as well as paracetamol or ibuprofen, which do not help at high temperatures, indicate the development of pneumonia, the TV presenter added.

“Knowledge of these signs is necessary in order not to delay seeking medical help,” summed up Komarovsky.

Pneumonia (pneumonia) is an inflammation of the lung tissue, usually of an infectious origin, with a predominant lesion of the alveoli (the development of inflammatory exudation in them). Infection pneumonia is a form of acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs. The main causative agents of pneumonia are bacteria and viruses, less often it is caused by mycoplasmas, fungi and parasites.

The main diagnostic methods are X-ray examination of the lungs and sputum examination, the main method of treatment is antibiotic therapy. Late diagnosis and delay in starting antibiotic therapy worsen the prognosis of the disease. In some cases, death is possible.

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