In Priangarye, a deputy was fined for making a riot in the police

IRKUTSK, March 1 – RIA Novosti. The deputy of the Duma of the city of Kirensk, located in the north of the Irkutsk region, got on the video when he made a rowdy in the police, he was fined for appearing drunk, a representative of the Kirensk Duma told RIA Novosti.

Duma deputy of Kirensk, Irkutsk region, head of the commission on legality, human rights, regulations, mandates and deputy ethics Dmitry Klepikov was detained by the police in a state of severe intoxication. In the department where the law enforcement officers took him, the man made a riot, he shouted loudly, called names and threatened the guards. One of the attesting witnesses filmed the incident and posted it on social networks.

“This fact took place. He was fined for appearing drunk in a public place. So far, the Duma has not appointed any meeting on this matter,” the agency's source said.

He also clarified that Klepikov headed the commission on legality, human rights, regulations, mandates and parliamentary ethics in accordance with the established rules, “he wrote a statement on which commission he would like to join, and the deputies elected him chairman.”

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