In Khabarovsk, open burning was eliminated in a warehouse with plastic

KHABAROVSK, March 1 – RIA Novosti. An open burning in a fire in a warehouse on the territory of a cardboard-roofing plant in Khabarovsk has been liquidated, the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said on Monday.

A one-story warehouse brick building with plastic products caught fire in Khabarovsk on an area of 1 thousand square meters on Monday night. The ceilings were deformed, the roof of the building partially collapsed. The collapse area is established. The fire source was localized at 04.03 (21.03 Moscow time). “At 08.35 (01.35 Moscow time) on Monday, fire fighters of the Khabarovsk fire and rescue garrison liquidated an open fire in a fire in a warehouse on the territory of a cardboard and roofing felt plant,” rescuers say.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, no one was injured in the fire. 39 personnel and 13 pieces of equipment are taking part in the elimination of the fire and its consequences.

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