Governor of Tver called outrageous murder of a moose cow

YAROSLAVL, March 1 – RIA Novosti. The governor of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya, called the resonant case of the murder of a pregnant moose cow by poachers “outrageous” and took control of the investigation, the regional government said.

Earlier, the Moskva 24 TV channel reported that poachers killed a pregnant moose cow in the Tver region and filmed the massacre. Later, the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the check after the video was published on the Internet. The police identified the citizens captured on the video and brought them to the department for investigation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed. The head of the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, Vladimir Burmatov, said on Instagram that he insists on imprisoning poachers of freedom. According to him, the committee sent inquiries to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office. “This is an outrageous, resonant event. People on snowmobiles drove the animal, strangled it and filmed it. I take this situation under special control. A legal assessment must be given that these people did it, without any indulgences. It is necessary to bring the matter to an official decision and, together with the investigating authorities, to monitor the objectivity of the process, “the press service of the regional government quotes Rudeni as saying.

Rudenya stressed that there are rules for hunting, removing animals from their natural habitat, the region supports the industry, but its members must adhere to the regulations. The head of the region noted the need to strengthen the promotion of the culture of behavior in the forest, in nature.

According to the authorities, the incident with the moose cow occurred in the village of Ramenye, Cherepovets District, Vologda Oblast. “According to law enforcement officers, three men took part in the event: two residents of the Tver region and one from the Yaroslavl region. The camera was filmed by a woman,” the regional government notes.

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