Authorities should take tough measures against Twitter, expert said

MOSCOW, 1 March – RIA Novosti / Prime. The state needs to take a tougher stance towards Twitter, which maliciously violates the laws of the Russian Federation – to ban advertising on social networks and introduce turnover fines, Vladimir Zykov, head of the Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers (APPSIM), told RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Monday, Roskomnadzor reported that Twitter has not removed 2,862 materials with information prohibited in Russia since 2017, which maliciously violates Russian law.

“There is a lot of prohibited information on Twitter, they are bad at deleting it. Our study showed that a similar study was conducted by the Safe Internet League. It is time for the state to take a tougher position against them. The first step is to prohibit companies and individuals from posting ads on Twitter. will help – to impose turnover fines (the amount of which depends on the company's revenue – ed.). And if they do not pay them for a certain period, then they can block them, although, I hope, it will not come to that, “Zykov said.

He added that American social networks, in principle, respond poorly to the removal of content, which is recognized in Russia as dangerous and has been banned for posting on the Internet. “The problem is that they very much believed that in Russia they can do whatever they want, and they will not get anything for it,” the expert said, recalling that since 2015, social networks “got on their necks.” do not fulfill the requirement to transfer servers to Russia, for which they were threatened with blocking – “they promised to fulfill the requirement of the law, but in the end they did not.”

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