Vektor denies the importance of antibody levels to protect against COVID-19

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti . High levels of antibodies can not guarantee effective protection against COVID-19, said Acting Deputy Director General for Scientific and methodical work and international cooperation center “Vector” Tatiana Nepomnyashchikh “Excessive stimulation of immunity -.. It's not too good should be sufficient titer antibodies and other elements of the immune system, so they can, in combination, provide protection against coronavirus, “Nepomnyashchikh explained.

The representative of “Vector” noted that the vaccine “EpiVacCorona” developed by the center stimulates the production of only antibodies that are needed to protect against COVID-19.

The disappearance of antibodies from the body

Earlier, the infectious disease doctor Yevgeny Timakov, in an interview with RIA Novosti, said that antibodies to coronavirus are not lifelong and disappear after a few months.

According to the physician, further immune response depends on whether a person has formed memory cells that help launch the body's defense reaction.

“Antibodies to coronavirus are not lifelong, they go away after a few months, then it all depends on what kind of initial immunity a person has and how his T-cell response is formed,” Timakov said.

Antibody levels after illness and vaccination against COVID-19

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the level of antibodies after the transferred COVID-19 and vaccination is almost identical. “The level of antibodies that we receive during the transfer of the disease and during vaccination is almost identical,” – follows from the transcript of the interview with Golikova, published on website “Vesti”.

Golikova recalled that it is not yet recommended to vaccinate those who have been ill. According to her, doctors' observations indicate that cases of a secondary disease are rare.

Speaking about the difference between the antibodies that are produced after the disease and the vaccine, Golikova noted that scientists declare no such differences.

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