The State Duma said that Poroshenko, speaking about Crimea, surpassed the brothers Grimm

SIMFEROPOL, February 28 – RIA Novosti. State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet said that the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking about the Crimea, surpassed the brothers Grimm in terms of “fabulous fabrications and inventions”.

Earlier, Poroshenko wrote in his Twitter account that he sympathizes with the problems of the Crimean people with water and electricity and that they were “deceived and the Russian authorities did not provide any increase in the standard of living, an influx of tourists and” manna from heaven “.

“For Ukrainian politicians, it is necessary to introduce a new literary genre.” Storytellers “are no longer suitable for them. Even the comrades-in-arms of these crazy storytellers will not believe in such a delusional lie, “Sheremet told RIA Novosti.

According to him, if Crimea is really as bad as Poroshenko claims, then it is not clear why the Ukrainian authorities are trying to complicate travel to the region for their citizens.

“The answer is obvious. Open social networks and see how the Ukrainians respond with admiration after visiting Crimea. And how many people flee from Ukraine in search of a better life in Russia, as they see here confidence in the future and prospects. As for Poroshenko, Crimeans remember well, how he hates them and how many nasty things he did, “the deputy said.

Ukraine previously provided up to 85% of Crimea's needs for fresh water through the North Crimean Canal running from the Dnieper. However, after the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the supply of water through the canal to the republic was completely cut off unilaterally. The issue of water supply was resolved through the extraction of water from underground sources and natural reservoirs, which over the past year have become significantly shallower due to the low amount of precipitation. Due to the shortage of water in a number of regions of Crimea, regime water supply has been introduced into houses, the water supply of Simferopol is mainly reoriented to artesian sources. The Russian government has prepared a comprehensive plan to ensure a reliable water supply to the peninsula. About 50 billion rubles were allocated for its implementation.

Crimea was completely de-energized on the night of November 22, 2015. Due to the blowing up of the supports, all four power lines coming from Ukraine were out of order. In the Crimea and Sevastopol, an emergency regime was introduced, schedules of emergency power outages. The situation improved with the phased launch of an 800 MW power bridge from the Krasnodar Territory. The last, fourth line started working in May 2016. The situation was completely stabilized with the construction of the Tavricheskaya and Balaklavskaya TPPs, which resulted in a surplus of electricity in the region.

Crimea became a Russian region after a referendum was held there in March 2014, in which 96.77% of Crimean voters and 95.6% of Sevastopol residents spoke in favor of joining Russia. Crimean authorities held a referendum following a coup d'etat in Ukraine in February 2014. Ukraine still considers Crimea to be its own, but temporarily occupied territory. The Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the inhabitants of Crimea democratically, in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter, voted for reunification with Russia. According to the Russian president, the Crimea issue is “finally closed.”

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