Syrian refugee camp fire kills four people

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti. Four people, including one child, were killed and another 18 injured in a fire in the Al-Hol refugee camp, the Syrian State News Agency (SANA) reported, citing sources.

According to the agency, the fire occurred as a result of an explosion of a gas stove, the flames engulfed several tents on the territory of the Syrian refugee camp. The camp residents, who received moderate to severe burns, were taken to hospitals in Al-Hasakah province.

According to UN estimates, there are over 64,000 people in the Al-Hol and Rog camps, 80% of them women and children. At the same time, the number of reports of violence in the camps has increased since the beginning of the year.

The armed conflict in Syria has been going on since 2011. At the end of 2017, victory was announced against the Islamic State * terrorist group in Syria and Iraq. In some areas of the countries, mopping-up operations from militants continue. At the moment, a political settlement, the reconstruction of Syria, and the return of refugees are in the foreground.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

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