Sakhalin fishermen will stand up in court for deputy Pashov

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, 28 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Association of Fishery Enterprises of the Sakhalin Region (ARP) will petition in court for a mild measure of restraint for the deputy of the Sakhalin Regional Duma Dmitry Pashov, who was detained on Friday in Khabarovsk, told RIA Novosti on Sunday the president of the ARP, the deputy of the regional parliament Maxim Kozlov. We do not assess the cases that are pending against him, but we believe that the measure in the form of detention will be clearly excessive for him, given his high political, social significance …, the work he is doing in region, publicity, “said Kozlov.

He explained that the cases in connection with which Pashov was detained had been initiated for a long time, and the deputy had been on Sakhalin all this time, came to all interrogations, and participated in investigative measures. In addition, according to Kozlov, taking into account Pashov's work and constant flights, he had the opportunity to somehow leave Russia for a long time, nevertheless, he did not.

The court to determine the measure of restraint for the deputy will take place on Sunday in Khabarovsk.

Local media suggest that Pashov's detention is related to the cases against his former ally Oleg Kan, who is called the “crab king”. Kahn is on the international wanted list.

In December 2018, a federal TV channel aired a film about illegal fishing in the Far East and the sale of king crab in South Korea and Japan. The article said that the illegal business was organized, in particular, by Oleg Kan.

The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the central office of the department to take the materials of the case on the 2010 murder of entrepreneur Valery Pkhidenko from the Sakhalin investigators and find out why they suspended the investigation. The UK established that it orchestrated the murder of Kahn. The accomplice of the crime, Dmitry Polyakov, was sentenced to imprisonment in 2011.

Dmitry Pashov has been a member of the Sakhalin parliament since 2017. In addition, he is the chairman of the board of the Sakhalin Oblast Fishery Association and the owner of the Moneron fishing company. In 2019, Forbes named Pashov the richest deputy in Russia. The declared income of the deputy in 2019 amounted to 6.2 billion rubles.

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