Muscovites warned of approaching arctic cold

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti. The leading expert of the Phobos weather center, Yevgeny Tishkovets, warned of frosts in early March and named the timing of the arrival of the warming wave in the capital. It is reported by “Evening Moscow”.

The meteorologist explained that the calendar spring would start with a mild thaw.

“At night there is a weak minus, in the daytime it is slightly above zero. At times, there is rare snow, which will be replaced by small portions of wet snow,” Tishkovets explained.

He recalled that in terms of climate, March is considered a winter month, and in fact, spring comes on the 27th. The specialist urged to prepare for a cool March.

“On March 5th, the Arctic collapse of cold will return the winter in full,” the meteorologist warned.

During the day, the thermometer will drop to four degrees below zero, and on March 7 and 8, frosts will peak at 17-19 degrees at night.

Since March 9, Moscow will face a wave of warming, Tishkovets reassured. According to him, the temperature will fluctuate: go up, then down and up again.

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