Heads of confessions urged Russians to pray for children with rare diseases

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti. On the last day of February, the world celebrates the Day of rare (orphan) diseases. It was established to draw attention to the provision of medicines and necessary treatment to patients.

To help children with rare diseases, at the beginning of the year in Russia, the Circle of Kindness foundation was created. It is expected to receive applications for medicines from parents of children in need of medicines, chief freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health and regional ministries of health.

Today, the heads of several confessions sent their appeals to believers and members of religious communities with an appeal to pray on this day for people with orphan diseases.

Mercy and shared responsibility

Thus, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill appealed to the believers with a request to send their prayers not only to people with orphan diseases, but also to those who help them. He also noted that the suffering of the sick is not meaningless, although it is not given to fully understand their meaning.

“Let us not forget that kindness, mercy, courage and many other qualities that make us human are manifested most of all in difficult, sorrowful moments of life. I call on all of us to raise special prayer requests on this day, so that the humane Lord would bless the labors of those who who shares with the ailing the difficulties of treatment, staying at the bedside of the sick and consoling them with word, attention and care, and also sent down the strengthening of strength to all who bear the heavy cross of a rare disease, “- said in his address.

President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, a member of the expert council of the Circle of Kindness Fund, Alexander Boroda, in turn, said that according to Jewish law, “we must do everything in our power to get well,” but also do not forget that healing is in the hands of the Almighty.

“Any rare phenomenon often makes it difficult for us to understand and can deprive the feeling of a“ community of experience. ”But also“ rare ”means“ exceptional, unique, ”which means it needs our special attention and calls to our common, collective responsibility. Our sages teach that the world stands on mercy. Providing help to a person in need of it is the direct responsibility of everyone, and this is where our human principle is manifested, “he emphasized.

The Mufti of Moscow, the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Albir Krganov, also appealed to the believers to support families fighting orphan diseases. According to him, many children and their parents live in the country, who bear the burden of a serious illness. “They live a hidden, imperceptible life next to us,” therefore they especially need “our help and our active love.”

“I ask the Almighty Creator to reward with your blessings those whose labors are aimed at helping children and adults facing a serious illness. I ask you on this day to pray with us for them and provide them with active help. May the Almighty keep you on the path to truth and reward For your good deeds, “said Albir Krganov.

The head of the traditional Buddhist sangha of Russia XXIV Pandito Khambo Lama, in turn, especially welcomed the formation of the Circle of Kindness fund to support children with severe and chronic diseases.

“If you diagnose such diseases from childhood, start treatment in time, then people with orphan diseases will be able to work and benefit society, their state. Our society consists of people of different nationalities, different religions, and, unfortunately, suffering from various ailments, but we all – citizens of one country, “he said.

Help available

Founder of the country's first Children's Hospice and head of the Circle of Kindness Foundation, Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko, speaking about the Day of Rare Diseases, noted that a serious illness can come to any family.

“The disease does not choose a child by religion, nationality or place of residence. That is why it is so important that help for a child with an orphan disease is available throughout the country, and for this the President of Russia initiated the creation of the Circle of Kindness fund,” he said in a comment for RIA Novosti.

Tkachenko also thanked the leaders of the leading confessions of Russia who joined in informing people about orphan diseases and appealed to believers to support families faced with a child's illness.

“This suggests that no matter what faith we profess, wherever we live, we are primarily citizens of one country, and our country is a social state,” added the head of the Circle of Kindness Foundation.

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