Experts give Russians advice on where to invest in the spring

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti. Russian unqualified investors this spring should pay attention to collective investment instruments: investments in mutual funds (UIF) are clear and transparent, and are also under strict control of the regulator, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti advise.

“Collective investment instruments – mutual funds – are one of those instruments that are exactly suitable for all categories of investors. This is an understandable and transparent product that is under fairly strict control by the regulator,” said the head of government relations at Alfa Management Company -Capital “Nikolay Shvaikovsky.

Expert from BCS Andrey Rusetskiy agrees with his colleague and believes that this year the main flow of investors' funds will come through collective products. The Bank of Russia has already put things in order in the field of professional management companies, which made this segment of investments the most regulated and controlled in the financial market.

Unqualified investors should refuse to buy shares on their own, since it will be quite difficult to build a diversified portfolio on their own. Otherwise, “there is a significant likelihood of experiencing high volatility of results,” explained Denis Gorev, head of the Veles Management Company.

Due to the significant influx of unqualified private investors into the stock market, the Bank of Russia last year decided to additionally regulate the process of interaction of financial intermediaries with clients, thereby limiting the range of offered financial instruments.

After the adoption of the legislative changes, a closed list of financial instruments will be available to investors, and in order to access complex financial instruments, the investor will have to undergo special testing. Experts appreciated the idea of investing maternity capital in securities.

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