Endocrinologist named the safest sweeteners

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti. Excessive consumption of sugar is detrimental to health, which is why many people think about using substitutes for this product. The safest options were named in an interview with radio Sputnik by the endocrinologist of the Moscow State University clinic, candidate of medical sciences Zukhra Pavlova.

She recommended that people who want to limit the amount of sugar in their diet choose substitutes such as erythritol, stevia, or sucralose. The first two of them are natural, the doctor said. “Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, so literally two drops in a glass of water or coffee – and it turns out very sweet, low in calories and without any effect on carbohydrate metabolism,” Pavlova noted.

However, some consumers attribute a bitter herbal taste to the disadvantages of stevia. Therefore, the sweetener stevioside was developed, it is made from the same raw materials as stevia, but there is no bitterness in it, the doctor explained.

Unlike erythritol and stevia, sucralose is an artificial product. However, according to the endocrinologist, it is harmless even for pregnant women and babies.

“Despite the fact that sucralose is an artificial sweetener, it is practically the only sweetener that is approved for use by both pregnant women and infants all over the world, so it has proven its safety,” Pavlova said.

The endocrinologist also explained how reduced calorie sodas can be a safe alternative to traditional counterparts due to the reduced amount of sugar. According to her, a study was carried out in the United States, during which different groups of participants were given a liter of water, regular Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, or a liter of milk every day for six months.

“In the Coca-Cola Light group, everything was much more prosperous than in the group where they drank regular Coca-Cola, but visceral fat, the very one with which all metabolic catastrophes begin, has grown significantly on Coca-Cola Light,” she noted Pavlova.

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