Cities for low-cost air travel on March 8 named

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA Novosti. Cities to which you can fly inexpensively on International Women's Day have been identified, OneTwoTrip reports.

Experts of the online service analyzed the data of air ticket bookings and named ten cities to which you can go during this period for an amount of up to 15 thousand rubles. Routes selected from the 50 most popular by search queries of clients specifically for the long weekend in March.

The leader of the list is St. Petersburg: a round-trip air ticket from the capital costs an average of 3.9 thousand rubles. In second place is Voronezh, where you can go for four thousand rubles. By adding another 900 rubles, the tourist will be in Yekaterinburg.

A flight to Ufa, Makhachkala, Kazan and Mineralnye Vody costs from five to ten thousand rubles. Tickets to Kaliningrad will cost at least 10.3 thousand rubles. You can breathe the sea air in Simferopol and Sochi, spending 12 and 14 thousand rubles on the road, respectively.

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