Boyarsky's wife responded to rumors about her husband's hospitalization due to vaccinations

MOSCOW, February 28 RIA Novosti. The wife of the People's Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Boyarsky Larisa Luppian on the air of the NTV channel told the details of the hospitalization of the actor.

Earlier, some media outlets disseminated information that Boyarsky was hospitalized after being vaccinated against coronavirus. “His hospitalization is not related to vaccination. There is some kind of inflammation. We are monitoring his health,” said the artist's wife.

According to her, now Boyarsky feels good and even trains on the sports track.

At the end of February, the People's Artist was hospitalized in Hospital No. 122 of St. Petersburg. As the regional media wrote, Boyarsky had a high fever and weakness, but a rapid test for coronavirus turned out to be negative. A few days later, the actor was discharged from the medical institution.

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