American billionaire taught how to invest correctly

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. American holding company Berkshire Hathaway has released the annual message of founder Warren Buffett, in which the billionaire, in particular, advised retail investors.

According to him, the basis of capital is “time, inner peace, wide diversification and minimization of the number of transactions and commissions.”

“Stockholding is a positive-sum game. The patient and judicious monkey who builds up a portfolio by throwing fifty darts at a target with a list of S&P 500 companies will see dividends and capital gains over time – if you resist the temptation to change your asset mix. “, – he noted.

He also noted that now is not the right time for bonds, since the ten-year bonds of the US Treasury, for example, at the end of 2020 fell 94 percent compared to the yield available in September 1981. Among other things, Buffett predicted a “bleak future” for those who invest in fixed income instruments.

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