White House pledges to impose new sanctions against Russia within weeks

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. The US plans to impose new restrictive measures against Russia “within weeks,” White House spokesman Jen Psaki told the press. “Within weeks, not months,” Psaki said when asked when new sanctions against Moscow are expected.

A White House spokeswoman stressed that the issue of restrictive measures against Russia “includes several components” and listed Moscow's alleged “interference” in the American elections and the hacker attack, as well as the alleged awards for the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan. She added that the White House continues to analyze information on these situations.

The Russian authorities have previously repeatedly denied involvement in the charges on all these counts, pointing out that they were untenable.

“Heads of American Soldiers”

Last year, the New York Times, citing anonymous US intelligence officials, published an article claiming that Russian intelligence had allegedly offered rewards to Taliban-linked fighters for attacks on US troops in Afghanistan. However, the publication did not provide any evidence. The Russian embassy in the United States demanded from Washington an adequate response to threats that come to the diplomatic mission representatives because of the false news about Russia and Afghanistan. The Foreign Ministry called the media reports a fake.

Later, the radical Taliban movement also denied information that it allegedly received funds from Russia to carry out attacks in Afghanistan. The administration of US President Donald Trump called the newspaper's article inaccurate, and also said that intelligence did not report anything like the American leader.

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