The most useful and dangerous fruits for health are named

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Fruits, under certain conditions, can harm the body. In what cases does this happen, Rimma Moysenko, the chief physician of the clinic of aesthetic medicine “Rimmarita”, Ph.D.

First of all, the danger is represented by fructose, which is part of sweet fruits. It is a monosaccharide, the excessive consumption of which leads to an increase in blood cholesterol levels, the formation of toxic visceral fat and metabolic disorders. One of the serious consequences of the abuse of sweet fruits can be diabetes mellitus, the doctor warned. “First of all, we must give up overripe and soft fruits: they contain the greatest amount of fructose. the fruit is bad, “she explained.

According to the doctor, you need to give preference to tough fruits containing little juice.

The use of exotic fruits unusual for the body, even tough ones, can lead to allergic reactions, Moysenko continued. In this sense, according to her, “in the last place” among all the fruits that you can afford, you should put kiwi, pineapples, bananas and mangoes.

The nutritionist also does not recommend getting carried away with fruits that can cause increased fermentation in the body, for example, citrus fruits. The same property, she said, is possessed by many berries: grapes, black currants and, in particular, gooseberries.

For people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to refuse fruits and berries altogether, Moysenko believes. They can eat no more than two apples and one tough pear a week, she said. Instead of black currant, it is better for them to choose red, the doctor advises. A small amount of dates, in her opinion, should not harm either.

Almost the only exception to these rules Moysenko considers lemon. “It has a six-component system of vitamin C, which contains a huge amount of bioflavonoids and pectins. And these acids are amazing, especially for the elderly and people with low acid activity in the stomach,” – said the nutritionist.

Lemon can increase the level of acidity in the stomach and only those people who already have high acidity should be concerned about this fruit, she added.

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