The financier told how to create passive income without stupid mistakes

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti. Those who are thinking about passive income and how to maintain and protect it, you need to remember that you cannot take more from the portfolio than was earned and put everything in one basket, Vladimir Vereshchak, financial advisor to the Bogatstvo consulting company, told the Prime agency …

“A classic example is a bank deposit. They put 10 million rubles at 5 percent per annum. Earned 500 thousand rubles, withdrawn and spent it. You can't do that. If inflation for the period was, say, 3 percent, you can only withdraw 200 thousand rubles from the account,” – the expert gave an example.

He pointed out that this rule also works for real estate investments (when renting an apartment). If passive income is associated with the stock market, then you will have to monitor new exchange rates, market volatility, remember and take into account commissions and taxes.

Passive income also needs to be protected in order to preserve capital, at least from inflationary costs, it is important to remember the diversification rule and keep part of the funds in US dollars, euros and other most profitable currencies.

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